Graham Rogers was born in  East London at the end of WWII and grew up playing on bomb sites.  At bed time his father would often tell him stories but would fall asleep leaving Graham to make up the endings. After a bagfull of short lived careers he became an infant teacher and for ten years specialised in the arts . For another ten years he was a County Museum Advisory Teacher and during this time honed his storytelling skills, bringing history alive and making it exciting for children visiting museums. Graham’s work was very varied and included historic sites, indoor settings and outdoors, museums and schools.

Over the years he has gained a wide experience in storytelling, drama, theatre in education, INSET courses and of working with museum artefacts.

His stories vary; some including a large element of children’s drama and others tending more towards solo performances but all have a high degree of audience participation, the stories being told and acted. His experience with primary school children means that he can bring an audience through a range of emotions from fits of laughter to nail biting silence or from marching or dancing to avid attention with ease.

Performances are improvised around a prepared story and therefore no two are quite the same, the level of language changing to match the children’s age.

Each of Graham’s stories are small theatrical performances using a wide collection of props, musical instruments and puppets to accompany them.

Graham believes that storytelling should educate and entertain. Many children need to be lured into the excitement of the spoken word through visual stimuli and therefore he tries to ensure that all are enthusiastic and excited by the event, even before a word has been spoken.

Graham Rogers is a freelance storyteller trading asStories in Education’.

Pictures above are by Tracy Cooper

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