Can't catch me I'm the gingerbreadman!

Graham brings a wide and fascinating collection of props and objects to accompany this collection of short stories which culminate in the Gingerbread Man. The performance is suitable for reception or Year One children. The stories are separated by songs, music played on a variety of instruments, and dancing games for all the children to participate in. The tales involve lots of children’s participation, encourages their contributions and suggestions and involves children acting a number of the stories’ characters.
The stories are varied; magical, scary and very funny and are performed in such a way that no class of children would fail to get involved for the 60 minutes of each performance.

Graham’s version of the Gingerbread Man follows the short lived and linguistically confused biscuit hero’s attempt to flee the characters that wish to eat him.

1 hour–1 class

This project is especially designed for foundation classes and an hour will not be too long.