The Nightingale - storytelling for Key Stage OneThis is a beautiful tale from Hans Anderson’s collection published in the 1840s. It is full of gentle messages: the value of books, the beauty of nature, the importance of habitat and the dangers of ambition.

It is the story of a king who builds a beautiful palace and then hears that his most beautiful treasure, the nightingale, flies free in his own garden. He cages it, and then receives a present of a clockwork bird, much prettier than his caged bird.

Another way at looking at the story is that it is about a greedy man who gets his comeuppance. It is great fun with plenty for the children to join in with and lots of laughs.


1 Hour

Foundation                   1 class

Years 1, 2 or 3              2 classes


The Nightingale

The Original Story

Hans Christian Andersen