Graham’s version of this Arthurian Legend tells of a Christmas jest that becomes a year long quest for the young Sir Gawain to keep his promise and uphold his pledge of honesty and bravery.
The story is from a poem in the British Museum from 1470 which probably has its origins in a much older, maybe Celtic culture.
A story of castles, knights, woodlands, chivalry, wizards, magic and mystery.

Key stage 2                 1 hour           3 classes

Original text

“…and alle his fetures fol ande in forme þat he hade
ful clene for wonder of his hwe men hade
set in his semblaunt sene
he ferde as freke were fade
and oueral enker grene”.


“And all his features full clean.
Great wonder of the knight
Folk had in hall, I ween,
Full fierce he was to sight,
And over all bright green”.