ichneumon-flyAn interactive  magical story performed by Graham and his audience. Graham plays the part of an old man in the woods who tells the children how he would prefer to be one of the insects because they are kind and caring to one another. It is, of course, a magical wood and the children and the old man enter the world of the insects, where they are asked to protect a chrysalis from the scary ichneumon fly. The children join the bees in collecting nectar and dancing, march out on a soldier ant raid to the grasshopper den and listen to Mummy dung beetle explain to her young ones about their favourite food.

Will the children stand up to the ichneumon fly? Will they protect the chrysalis? Will the chrysalis turn into a butterfly?

This drama/story, inspired by the Insect Play by Karel Capek and his brother Josef, involves the children from start to finish.  It needs plenty of space and works well out of doors, weather permitting.

Storytelling, music, drama, a few puppets, decision making, thrills and lots of action from children.

If you thought storytelling was just sitting still and listening—then see this.

Graham has had years of experience running this sort of performance where the storyteller’s character leads the action of his audience. If you want your children to experience storytelling, drama, music or perhaps add to their recently gained knowledge of mini beasts, and have lots of fun, then this could be the show for you.

Foundation to year 2   – 1 class – 1 hour