A ghost story about smuggling.

Goods were shipped in casks just the right size for the “Tub Men” to carry on their backs. Tub men were young and fit and could run as much as twenty five miles in a night.

This story follows Sam back to Eighteenth Century England where he becomes caught between the threats and rewards of the Riding Officer and a gang of Smugglers. The villain is William Death, a smuggler who says that any one caught talking to the Riding Officers will have to answer to him, and “…..nobody can escape Death!” Although original, this story is full of details about the ways of Smugglers and the measures that the King’s men took to catch and punish them.
The story is best heard in a dimly lit venue so that the lanterns and candle light can add to the magic.

1 Hour–Year 3 and olderĀ  2 classes